About Us

Reviving Responsible Home Ownership

Shellpoint® was born in 2010, at the height of the credit crisis that affected the mortgage industry nationwide. A team of seasoned industry veterans recognized the problems that led to the crisis, and understood how they could be corrected. Their commitment to a new mortgage paradigm launched the business.

The collective experience of our founders allowed Shellpoint® to incorporate a post-crisis ethos into the very fabric of the organization. Funded with institutional equity capital, we acquired our flagship, New Penn Financial. Since then, we have added a collection of companies that focus on the U.S. residential real estate market, and continue to maintain a clean transaction history without legacy issues.

This solid foundation and untarnished reputation allows us to work within the current framework of agency and government loans, but also, to pioneer new portfolio products. Our goal is to return the housing market to the responsible, respectable— and traditionally wise—investment it has always been.