Our Philosophy

Building A Solid Foundation For Innovation

You can’t be an innovative leader without first ensuring that trust, integrity, and sound practices are the cornerstone of your firm. That’s why we developed these founding principles:

Transparency in all of our transactions

We provide our investors at all levels with the appropriate access to information so they can make intelligent, informed decisions with confidence.

Prioritize people in all of our dealings

We recognize that lending is a people business as much as it’s a numbers business. On the other end of every transaction, someone’s dream hangs in the balance. We never forget that.

Do the right thing when faced with tough choices

We understand that trust is earned, not granted. When the right choice is the harder choice, we are willing to make it and stand behind it.

Make informed, intelligent investment decisions, always

We know that risk is an inherent part of lending. We avoid unnecessary risk by building the highest standards of due diligence into every decision. Plus, we place our capital right alongside that of our investors. When everyone has skin in the game, the game is generally more fair and honest for everyone involved.

By applying this 4-prong approach to every single decision and transaction we face, we have built a firm foundation, strong enough to support the new and improved mortgage market.